Pointers: Die / Pointers: Losing And Outs / Pointers: Smooth Animations And 62 Milliseconds / Pointers: Surprises

Brand new animation and Able/Sight!

So I’ve upgraded the theme for this website to Able/Sight now, as this website is 5 years old and could use an update. But more importantly, God blessed you guys with a new 1PointerMation animation from my brand new iMac I got on the 10th this month! It’s about the pointers being on Keynote! Don’t … Continue reading

Pointers: Pray / Pointers: Surprises / Pointers: The Circus / Pointers: The Ground / Pointers: The Sky / Pointers: Wish

Pointer On A Balloon

This is a new pointer picture I made after making artoonix aniamtions. If you want to find out more about pointers, See ‘Chosen Pointers’ Or Click The About Button. Without using Powerpoint and using Artoonix for my animations, It would take hours and hours and hours. Without using Artoonix And using Powerpoint For My Animations, … Continue reading